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Accounting Services

Two OMF packages are shared among all acount management services: accountingCommon and controlPanlel. First contains common functions while the second provides front-end support for services such as scheduler, account management and status.

Accounting Common

Packaged in omf-aggmgr-accountingcommon package.

Installation and Configuration

Control Panel

Packaged in omf-aggmgr-controlpanel package.

Installation and Configuration

apt-get install omf-aggmgr-controlpanel-5.4

Account Management

The Account Management is packaged in the omf-aggmgr-accountmanagement package.

Installation and Configuration

It can be installed form the package repository with

apt-get install omf-aggmgr-accountmanagement-5.4

Instructions on how to add the Orbit software repository to your list of apt-sources can be found ​here.

        # User name and password for scheduler database
        database: 'newScheduler'
            # Administrator email configuration
            sender: ''
            sender_name: 'Account manager'
            temp_image_dir: '/tmp'
            ttf_file: 'images/font21.ttf'
        proxyPathRegistration: '/userManagement'
        #favicon is either absolute uri, or relative to homeURL or name of file located
        # in public_html/ogs_accountManagement/images
        favicon: 'geni_banner.png'


Formerly known as login service. It implements