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Table of Contents

  1. API Classification and Usage
    1. Sample Experiment Setup Using API
    2. Sample Experiment: Custom Service Class Control
  2. Accessing the WiMAX Base Station
        1. Input Command
        2. Expected Output
        3. Input Command
        4. Expected Output
        5. Input Command
        6. Expected Output
        7. Input Command
        8. Expected Output
        9. Sample Experiment Script
  3. Slice Manager API Specification (User Exposed)
    1. SLICE (VM) Control Functions
      1. createSLICE
      2. destroySLICE
      3. startSLICE
      4. stopSLICE
      5. setSLICEParams
    2. Client Control Functions
      1. addClient
      2. deleteClient
  4. Radio Management API (User Exposed)
    1. Custom Service Class Suport
      1. createServiceFlow(SlideID, direction, priority, classifier-ips, …
      2. createServiceClass(SlideID,STIDs{})
      3. installServiceClass(SlideID,SCID)
      4. uninstallServiceClass(SlideID,SCID)
      5. deleteServiceClass(SlideID, SCID)
      6. deleteServiceFlow(SlideID, STID)
    2. Slice Radio Control
      1. setMinimalMcs(SliceID, MSID, SCID, mcs)
      2. setFixedMcs(SliceID, MSID, SCID, mcs)
      3. setRadioResource(SliceID, MSID, RR)
      4. setBandwithUlDlRatio(bandwidth UL_DL_ratio)
    3. Slice Radio Monitoring
      1. getAllClientsInfo( SLICEID )
      2. getClientInfo(SLICE ID, MSID)
      3. getSliceResource(SLICEID)
  5. System Administrator API Specification (Internal)
    1. VM Administration
      1. setSliceParams(SLICEID, disk_quota, cpu)
      2. getSliceParams(SLICEID)
    2. getTotalParams(SLICEID) =
  6. SM – Datapath API (Internal)
      1. addClient(VLAN, MSID)
      2. removeClient(VLAN, MSID)
  7. RM – Datapath API (Internal)
      1. addServiceFlow(MSID, Service class tlv)
      2. removeServiceFlow(MSID, Service class tlv)
  8. BSFB – Datapath API (Internal)
    1. Network Entry Control API Specification
      1. appendMACAcl (MS_MAC_Addr, IPaddress/mask)
      2. removeMACAcl( MS_MAC_Addr, IPaddress/mask)
      3. acceptMAC(MS_MAC_Addr)
      4. rejectMAC(MS_MAC_Addr)
      5. newClientRegistration(MS_MAC_Addr)
      6. clientDeregistration(MS_MAC_Addr)
    2. Radio Level Monitoring
      1. getAvailableResources ()
      2. getMCS(MSID)
      3. getThroughput(MSID)
      4. getPacketLoss(MSID)

BSFB – Datapath API (Internal)

These API describes the functionality exported by the modified NEC basestation controller, which will be used by the Datapath controller module.

Network Entry Control API Specification

This API is called by the datapath manager after it receives appropriate notification from the RM-Datapath API

appendMACAcl (MS_MAC_Addr, IPaddress/mask)

  • Add the given MAC address to the ACL (access control list) at the BTS
    • IP address for the corresponding MAC address is specified along with the mask.
  • Done before a connection / flow can be setup.

removeMACAcl( MS_MAC_Addr, IPaddress/mask)

  • Remove the given MAC address from the ACL of the BTS
  • IP address for the corresponding MAC address is specified along with the mask.
  • Done before a connection / flow can be setup.





Radio Level Monitoring

getAvailableResources ()

  • Returns the Available DL and UL resources in the BS currently.


  • Returns the current Modulation and coding scheme for the given MAC address.


  • Returns the current MAC throughput (Mbps) for the given MAC addess.


  • Returns the current packet loss rate and retries for the given service flow.
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