Demo 4: Splitting a Node (Interfaces)


  • Show hardware virtualization by assigning full control of one interface to a virtual machine
  • Need to add access control in nodehandler for N0/N1 interfaces


  • Run two experiments on one orbit node
  • One experiment may communicate to one Planetlab node and one orbit node
    • Topology: Planetlab--Orbit1(AP)--Orbit2(client)
  • The second experiment may connect to other Orbit nodes
    • Topology: Orbit(AP)--Orbit(1,2,3)


(George-Jan 22)

  • Obtained Xen and UML images from the Suman Banerjee's group
    • Installed UML on sandboxes
    • Getting the wireless interfaces to work
  • Contacted Thierry Parmentelat working with OneLab?
    • Onelab aims to add these capabilities that do not existing in PlanetLab
      • Use multiple interfaces (wireless & wired)
      • Execute monitoring: passive monitoring and topology info components
      • Waiting for response
  • Contacted Aki Nakao
    • Requested copy of Xen Slice (Xlice)
    • Waiting for response


  • None at this point
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