Current Status

  • Image nodes with the latest Bluetooth enabled image
  • Manually set the interfaces using pand, for instance
node1-1:~# pand --listen -role NAP --master --autozap

wait for at least 10 seconds for the interface to configure

node1-2:~# pand --connect 00:0A:3A:53:D4:82 --service NAP --autozap

Wait for at least 10 seconds for the interface to configure. At this point the link should be established and interface bnep<X> created on both nodes.

node1-2:~# ifconfig bnep0
node1-1:~# ifconfig bnep0

This step is automated by the script

  • Execute your favorite script with proper settings for OTG and OTR with -k option in order not to reboot nodes and preserve manual settings. Assuming your script is btwifi.rb it will be something like
nodehandler4 -k btwifi

List of the nodes with BT interfaces

List of nodes?

To Do

  • Write btsender.rb and btreceiver.rb to fully integrate Bluetooth with OTG and OTR?
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