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Orbit case 4 (COTS)

Version 4 of the case was simplified even more. The case consists of 2 U-Shaped Shells that are screwed together. The case dimensions are approximately A”L x B” W x C”H. These dimensions were chosen so the case would fit into the existing ceiling mounted harness with a slight over hang to accommodate larger power supplies. The case accepts off the shelf hardware. It supports the mini-ITX form factor for the mother board and the extended flex Atx 1u form factor for the power supply. All system components are directly mounted to the the Bottom U channel. The rear face has a open slot that is meant to accommodate a ½ height riser card and an opening for the motherboard connector planecover. The disk is mounted on the rear face. The front face has a cut out to accommodate the Chassis Manager hardware which is mounted directly to the main body. Both the top and bottom walls are ventilated to allow proper air flow across the CPU. Technical drawings for production are included here.


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Chassis in Harness

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Assembled Case

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