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Match Visualization

DARPA Spectrum Challenge visualization consist of a set of HTML 5 (i.e. browser) based visualization tools that relies heavily on websockets and requires access to monitoring nodes in the ORBIT infrastructure. For the end user, the only way to gain this access is through ssh tunneling since the console ports 6100 - 6113 are not open for outside access. Once user has approved (and current) time slot, the following SSH command (assuming Linux/Unix?/BSD based system) can be used to establish required tunnels:

ssh -L 6100: -L 6101: -L 6102: -L 6103: -L 6104: -L 6105: -L 6106: -L 6107: -L 6108: -L 6109: -L 6110: -L 6111: -L 6112: -L 6113:

Most popular Windows ssh client PuTTY can be similarly configured for tunneling.

Competitive Match Visualization

Competitive Match Visualization Once required tunnels are established, competitive matches can be visualized by pointing your Chrome (other browsers are not guaranteed to work) browser at:

As can be seen in Figure 1, browser window is separated into two areas: spectrum visualization on the top and packet server status at the bottom.

Source and destination nodes spectral occupancy is shown in respective panes and color is used to distinguish the teams. In between the two panes, the match time slider is used to indicate the current match time.

The bottom part of the browser window shows the state of the packet server. Each team has transmit and receive checkerboards of 6 x 25 fields where each field corresponds to 100 packets. Color saturation is used to indicate the fraction of 100 packets that were successfully processed (pulled by the transmitter or pushed by the receiver and successfully verified by the scoring server). The table in the lower right corner shows basic numerical stats for both teams.

Cooperative Match Visualization

Cooperative Match Visualization

The URL for cooperative matche visualization is

As can be seen from the figure, the browser windows is again vertically divided into spectrum visualization area and packet server visualization area. In addition to the third team checkerboards in the scoring server area, the score statistics table also has the joint score for all three teams.

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