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Page of requirements for new motherboards, and potential examples

Hard requirements

  1. 2x GbE ports
  2. 2x Mini Pci or PciE slots, (1 half height ok)
  3. Intel AMT support for power on, power off, restart
  4. Both mini ports on top side of motherboard
  5. ITX form factor
  6. Desktop Processor support (currently, newest socket is 1150, motherboards with H, Z, or Q87)

Soft Requirements

  1. Desktop Ram
  2. 2 full height mini slots
  3. Serial redirection over Lan
  4. Onboard video support


Name mPciE Full Height mPciE Half Height form factor socket price
Zotac H87ITX msata populated ITX 1150 $87.99
Gigabyte GA-Q87TN msata 1 thin-itx 1150 $155.99
Intel DQ77KB 1 1 thin-itx 1155 Out of Stock
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