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     1= name-of-switch  =
     2''brief description of switch here''
     4'''Access :'''
     6== Testbed switch layout ==
     7''overview of port configurations. list down how many ports go to what. Below is an example from sw-sb-01:''
     9Each testbed requires 2 ports each for CM, Control, and Data links for the nodes, a Control VLAN link to the Console, and a trunk link to the top switch. As an !OpenFlow switch, we also need a dedicated port to connect the switch to a controller. In the aggregate switch ports are allocated in the following numbers:
     10 * CM: 12 ports (2 per !SandBox)
     11 * Control: 18 ports - 12 for nodes, + 6 for Console links
     12 * Data: 12 (as with CM)
     13 * !OpenFlow control VLANs: 2 (to controller - two to make things tidy)
     14 * Trunk: 4 (leftover)   
     16== VLANs ==
     17''list of VLANs on switch, and what they are for, in a table or terminal capture of command `show vlan list` (given VLANs are described there). Another example from sw-sb-01:''
     19VLAN 3 (CM) is consistent across all !SandBoxes. Each sb has its own Control and Data VLANs as such:
     20||Testbed||Control VLAN||Data VLAN||
     28In addition, VLAN 100 is the defacto VLAN for the !OpenFLow control channel at WINLAB.
     30== Port Assignments ==
     31''switch diagram, followed by output of command `show port vlan`. template for the diagram can be found as attachment below.''
     34**output to "show port vlan" here**
     36== Legacy Configurations ==
     37''Any notable CLI configurations should be noted here.''
     39== !OpenFlow configurations ==
     40Each VLAN is its own virtual switch. The following is the contents of openflow.conf.
     42**"showswitch" output from terminal here
     45**"cat /mnt/openflow.conf" output here**