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GEC 9 Demo AP / Client Node Image

Ubuntu Version: 10.04
Current Image Name: ssugrim-node-1-1-2010-09-17-18-07-41.ndz

Installed software from Baseline Should Include:

  • HostAPD - Apt Package
  • Netsnmp - 2 Apt packages
  • OpenVswitch - Downloaded from
    Additional Packages Required:
    • libssl-dev
    • pkg-configure (complains SSL is not found if this is not installed)
    • Optional python-json
    • Optional python-qt4
    • Optional python-zopeinterface
    • Optional python-twisted-conch
  • MadWifi - was requested but omitted, I think they just need generic Wireless drivers. Ath5k drivers are installed by default. modprobe ath5k enumerates the devices.
  • VLC - Apt package
  • Wimax driver.
  • Free-nx


It makes more sense to have a single image with all the necessary components that can change behavior based on scripts. To that end I've merged all the requirements.


Talked with KK, we'll need to iron out the verion of the kernel we're going to use. Currently I'm missing a few tools/package: NX, vlc, snmp, and snmpd


Starting over with 10.04. We've decided we want the Image to be based of ubuntu 10.04 so that our wimax drivers will work with it. We may have to update date the kernel version.

So far I have:

I had to modify the sources back to their original settings cuz they were a giant mess. FreeNx failed to install and the instruction are buggy at best. The packages claim to be broken. They may have to live with VNC which we know works. If we're scripting, why do we need a remote viewer at all?

Apparently the following packages don't exist in the repository (this could be due to my sources being messed up.

  • pkg-configure (complains SSL is not found if this is not installed)
  • python-json
  • python-qt4



Starting over yet again, dues to some package corruption bugs. I've changed the source file to source directly from mit meadia labs for the time being to get past some issues. After an update I installed the main stay of packages.

apt-get install hostapd snmp snmpd build-essential libssl-dev pkg-config

I'll also need kernel headers for moudle support.

sudo apt-get install linux-headers-$(uname -r)

With that stuff setup I'm going to Install OpenVswitch with kernel module support.

./configure --with-l26=/lib/modules/`uname -r`/build

I'm including a copy of config.log for refrence.

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