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    44**details go here?**
     6== BigOS CLI ==
     7This is the main interface to the Big Switch controller. From here, you can query for various information, such as controller state and the switches connected to it.
     8=== Logging in ===
     9From, ssh to `kvm-big` as user `admin`, password ''native101''. You should see something like below:
     11~$ ssh kvm-big -l admin
     12admin@kvm-big's password:
     13Last login: Sat Feb 12 07:19:47 2011 from
     14BigShell (bigsh) v0.1 (c) by Big Switch Networks.
     15default controller is:
     18The caret is the prompt for the CLI, which follows syntax similar to Cisco IOS. To see available commands, just type "?". For example, to see the list of !OpenFlow switches connected to the controller, type `show switch`:
     20172.16.0.14> show switch
     21Switch DPID             Active Last Connect Time   IP Address   Socket Address      Max Packets Max Tables
     2300:00:00:00:00:00:00:01 True   2011-02-14 02:25:53 / 256         3         
     2400:00:00:10:10:20:32:30 False  2011-02-09 07:36:59 / 256         2         
     2500:00:00:10:10:22:32:32 True   2011-02-14 02:25:30 / 256         2         
     2600:00:00:10:10:24:32:34 True   2011-02-10 15:56:57   /   256         2 
     29More information on each switch can be found by context switch to the DPID's of the switches:
     31172.16.0.14> show switch 00:00:00:10:10:22:32:32 desc
     32Serial # Vendor          Make                       Model    SW Version
     34None     NEC Corporation Reference Userspace Switch sw-sb-01           
     37Here, we have switched to the context of a switch whose DPID is 00:00:00:10:10:22:32:32, in order to look up general information about it.
    639== The REST API ==
    740Flow manipulation is done by logging onto the controller, entering debug mode, and issuing HTTP control messages (e.g. PUT, GET, DELETE) using `curl`. Here we'll describe how to use the REST API through an example based on the REST documents (linked at the bottom of the page) and e-mail exchanges.
     41=== Some prep work ===
     42 1. ''Enter debug mode''. In order to use the REST API, you must be at the Linux shell. Type "debug bash" to switch out of the CLI.
     44172.16.0.14> debug bash
    9  1. ''Log in''. From, ssh to `kvm-big` as user `admin`, password ''native101''.
    10  2. ''Enter debug mode''.
     46***** Warning: this is a debug command - use caution! *****
     47***** Type "exit" or Ctrl-D to return to the BigOS CLI *****
     51 2. ''open port 8000''. Allow connections to port 8000 with the command `sudo ufw allow 8000`. You'll be using this port to talk to the controller using `curl`.