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Maintenance Procedure as of 6/26/2013

Run inventory

  1. see this page

Gen3 SSH test

  1. Load all gen3 nodes with baseline:
    root@console.grid:/root# omf load -t inventory:topo:gen3
  2. Turn on only the gen3 nodes:
    omf tell -a on -t inventory:topo:gen3
  3. Run the looping command test with the command ls
    root@console.grid:/root# cd /root/scripts/
    root@console.grid:/root/scripts# ./loopercmd.rb 1 1 20 20 ls
    This script will try to ssh to each node and run ls. It first outputs the result of the command and then lists all the nodes that succeeded. As of now there should be 68.

Darpa Challange Test

  1. A moidification of the steps listed here

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