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Using AODV with the testbed

Currently, we support AODV-UU protocol 0.9.1 on kernel version 2.6.12. Using the application and prototype definition format, we can currently specify

  • the interface to run on
  • enable logging
  • enable route table logging

For Experimenters

  • Step 1: In order to use AODV routing protocol in your experiment, make sure you use the baseline.ndz image on your nodes that has aodv installed.
  • Step 2: Use the following experiment script. This will launch both the traffic generator and AODV on the nodes. AODV currently logs locally to the node every N secs which is configurable. However, in the future, this will be OMLized to log into the database instead.
  • AODV router prototype and app defs are installed on all consoles. So users should be able to use it from any console

For more details, please follow this link

  • Experiment scripts for AODV are available here
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