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    4242The functional block diagram and schematic implementation of the DS1780E are presented here:
    44 [[Image(DS1780E.gif, 600px)]] [[Image(CM_Monitor.jpg, 600px)]]
     44[[Image(DS1780E.gif, 500px)]] [[Image(CM_Monitor.jpg, 500px)]]
    4646 ==== RS232 Level Shifter ====
    4747The RS232 level (MAX3232) shifter takes the TTL compliant voltage levels from the Tx and Rx lines of the Xport AR and converts them to RS232 voltage standards (and vice versa). there is also 2 sets or resistors R15 & R16, and R17 & R18, which correspond to build in crossover or straight through signals. If R15 and R16 are installed then a straight cable is used to connect to the node serial port and if R17 and R18 are installed a null modem (or crossover) cable must be used. This is the sase for revision 4 of the CM3 board, the previous revision 3 had rotary switches rather than 0 ohm resistors. Also note that presently __the RTS and CTS signals have to be shorted manually on the 5x2 100mil header in order for serial redirection to work__. This was an oversight in the design and will be fixed in the next run.
    49 [[Image(CM_232_block.jpg, 350px)]][[Image(CM_232.jpg, 500px)]][[Image(CM_232_2.jpg, 400px)]]
     49[[Image(CM_232_block.jpg, 350px)]][[Image(CM_232.jpg, 500px)]][[Image(CM_232_2.jpg, 350px)]]
    5151 ==== Solid State Relays ====
    5252There are two solid state relays (AQV201A) that act as an intermediary to simulate the button press corresponding to a reset and power button for the node motherboard. Important to note, is that the power and reset commands will not work is one of the two output sides of the relays is ties to power or ground, it must be a floating power/closed, and not shorting one pin to ground.
    54 [[Image(CM_Relay.jpg)]]
     54[[Image(CM_Relay.jpg, 400px)]]