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Match Visualization

The set of HTML 5 (i..e browser) based visualization tools that relies heavily on websockets and requires access to special monitoring nodes in the ORBIT infrastructure. ssh tunneling has to be used to enable websocket connections to the monitoring nodes in the ORBIT facility.

The following SSH command will establish the required 13 tunnels:

ssh -L 6100: -L 6101: -L 6102: -L 6103: -L 6104: -L 6105: -L 6106: -L 6107: -L 6108: -L 6109: -L 6110: -L 6111: -L 6112: -L 6113:

Competitive Match Visualization

Once required tunnels are established, competitive matches can be visualized by pointing your Chrome browser at

Cooperative Match Visualization

Cooperative matches can be visualized at

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